Harga Minyak Turun, Pendapatan Negara Bakal Tak Penuhi Target

     – Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said that the budget deficit by the end of 2015 has the potential to widen from the initial estimate of 2.23 percent of GDP, due to the performance of the sector has not been as expected state revenue.

“The target is still the same, the deficit widened 2.23 percent, and the ‘shortfall’ tax revenue Rp120 trillion. But we see there is a potential ‘shortfall’ took place in non-tax revenues (non-tax),” said the minister at a press conference in Jakarta, Thursday (09/17/2015).

The minister said one of the additional potential “shortfall” is derived from non-tax revenues were affected by the drop in world oil prices, it is estimated that at the end of the year was not able to reach the target.

“We’re starting to see there is a potential drop in oil prices and the ‘shortfall’ in non-tax revenues, because as a shadow Aug. ICP price we charge 42 dollars per barrel, whereas the assumption (in APBN-P) 60 dollars a barrel,” he said.

In addition, he added, the potential decline in revenues was also seen in the sector of export duty until the end of August 2015 realization is still far below expectations due to export copper concentrate is currently experiencing lethargy.

The minister said to keep the budget deficit widened further than expected, then the government will increase financing through multilateral loans and bilateral, rather than through the issuance of debt securities.

“We have prepared an additional ‘financing’, primarily through multilateral bilateral, but we keep watch on potential reduction in non-tax revenues and export duties, as the price of copper concentrate is not as good as usual, “he said.

Finance Ministry noted that the realization of the budget deficit up to August 31, 2015 reached Rp186,7 trillion (1.6 percent of GDP ) or 83.9 percent of the budget target-P 2015 amounted Rp222,5 trillion (1.9 percent of GDP).

The budget deficit will come from state revenues reached Rp867,5 trillion, or 49.3 percent of the target of Rp1.761,6 Rp1.054,2 state spending trillions and trillions or 53.1 percent of the ceiling Rp1.984,1 trillion.

Of the sectors of non-tax revenues, revenues from oil and gas Natural Resources looks to experience decrease compared to last year, because of new realization reached Rp57,1 trillion, whereas in the same period in 2014 reached Rp128 trillion.

The condition affecting the overall realization PNBP reached Rp168,3 trillion or 62.5 percent of the target in 2015 Revised Budget for Rp269,1 trillion, compared period in 2014 which reached Rp237,4 trillion.

Meanwhile, revenues from export duties sector also is not expected to reach the target at the end of the year, due to the realization at the end August reached Rp2.7 trillion, or 22.2 percent of the target of Rp12.1 trillion. (Antara)


Harga Minyak Turun, Pendapatan Negara Bakal Tak Penuhi Target | Claudia Minda | 4.5
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